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Backend Software Engineer (Italian Speaking)


As part of the growth of our team at Medispa, we are looking for a bright candidate for the Backend Software Engineering of our app (with at least 2 years of experience).

We think that, in a world of ever-changing languages and technologies, the most valuable and transferable assets are experience and competence, not tools.

The ideal candidate :
You are exceptionally motivated and talented, has hands-on experience with several programming languages and platforms, and you understand most of the moving parts in the applications you work on Java and Spring framework - you name it. Also:
- You love learning.
- You can work on distributed applications with high-availability/ high-performance/ high-security requirements.
- You are interested in mastering development practices.
- You are familiar with different approaches (Lean, Agile) and practices (pair programming, TDD, CI/CD).
- You move swiftly between on-premise and cloud-based (AWS, GCP, Azure) deployment pipelines.
- You are passionate about crafting and delivering value through software.

Desired Skills:
- Experience with Unit Testing.
- Experience with relational databases
- Experience using GIT
- Experience with Ansible and Terraform.
- Excellent relationship, collaboration, and teamwork skills.
- Excellent communication skills in Italian and English.
- Curious and always updated about the current technological trends.
- Being creative motivated and proactive in solving problems.
- The ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines.
- Excellent in time management and personal organization.
- Can motivate choices over colleagues.
- Always look for excellence in what you do and always try to improve his self.
- Can plan the work and respect deadlines.
- Team Player.

In what we believe:
In Medispa we strongly believe that good businesses are built first on people and then on numbers. We believe that neither of these two elements can be avoided. We also believe that each of our team players is at the center of our growth and for this reason, we are willing to share both successes and new challenges. Working for a Startup means finding every day the best way to reach goals with lower effort, time, or costs. All of these duties are reachable only with determination and enthusiasm for your work.

?For this reason, we offer:
- An important opportunity for your personal and professional international growth.
- The right tools and the right autonomy you need to reach your objectives.
- Access to an existing pool of international first-class technology partners.
- The chance of working by remote or from our office near the sea.
- A team of friends to share your success with
- The chance to re-discuss your position and salary yearly in line with your track record and with the company's growth.

L’Azienda Medispa, con sede operativa a Milano è alla ricerca di uno o più consulenti presso le farmacie. I profili ricercati saranno inseriti all’interno del team aziendale e si occuperanno prevalentemente di svolgere giornate di prevenzione e screening per il benessere a 360° all’interno delle farmacie clienti. Inoltre le risorse si occuperanno di supportare le farmacie, fare formazione sui servizi utilizzati, con una grande possibilità crescita professionale.