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Industrial Processes Department Competence Center Electronics Italy


INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES Department is looking for graduated in Electronic or Industrial Engineering with good potential, technical knowledge and strong skills in organizing their own and others' work activities who, starting from the theoretical notions acquired during the course of study, can acquire skills in the following areas:
? Collaborate with Design, Engineering and Technologies to increase / improve automatic assembly processes;
? Superintendence of SMT assembly processes;
? Production flows optimization;
? Sustain and improve the performance of the assembly process;
? Improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) especially the downtime;
? Foresee the design, procurement and release into operation of the production tools;
? Develop procedures and operating instructions for assembly and rework;
? Promote the continuous improvement of performance and quality metrics;
? Foresee and prepare the acquisition and release plans for new processes and assembly / inspection machines;
? Suppliers support on assembly and continuous improvement processes;

THALES ALENIA SPACE ITALIA SpA is the Italian component of THALES ALENIA SPACE operating on four sites: Roma, Torino, L’Aquila, Milano. Since 1970s the Company has designed, manufactured, integrated, tested, operated and delivered over 200 satellites and innovative space systems, fundamental applications for sustainability of Earth: Remote sensing, Telecommunication, Navigation, Space Science and Exploration.