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Turing Talent Data Science / Machine Learning Internship Program (remote)

Turing Talent

Application link: https://www.turingtalent.org/internship

Turing Talent Data Science / Machine Learning Internship Program is an internship, industry placement and work experience program, for anyone wanting to gain industry experience in the fields of data science and machine learning.
Internship positions are all remote. Admissions are open all year round.

What you will get:

- Work as a Machine Learning Engineer or Data Scientist directly on-site with our clients which are tech companies in Silicon Valley, UK and internationally. Full list on our website
- Training to improve your professional and interpersonal skills
- Networking with international peers working in similar fields

Example Responsibilities (depending on your background & client need):

- Assist in development and testing of ML algorithms for retail supply chains
- Literature research of existing state of the art methods for enriching word embedding model
- Identifying opportunities and putting the systems in place to capitalize on email performance data
- Research on GANs
- Building algorithms to process and route information intelligently between users

Skills We Look For:

- Python
- Prior experience in running ML or DS projects. Could be personal, university or commercial projects
- Bonus: project experience within NLP, image processing or computer vision

Other Qualities We Look For:

- An adaptable communicator who can work collaboratively
- Strong accountability for working in fully distributed team settings
- Previous internship, work experience, startup or other commercial experience is a plus

For more information, visit: www.turingtalent.org/internship

In addition, we also run a Graduate Programme for permanent positions, including an Advanced Analytics track. www.turingtalent.org/graduates.

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